Nonprofits to be included in QR code-postage discount

Sorry for the legal wording - this just came in. I'll add more when I get more information. Basically, the USPS will extend the 3% QR code "summer" discount to nonprofits as well:

The Commission finds, consistent with the Easter Seal case, that the Postal Service has not articulated a rationale to justify the differential treatment of nonprofit Docket No. R2011-5 - 9 - mailers in this promotion. 656 F.2d at 761. The Commission directs the Postal Service to make the discount available to nonprofit mailers that comport with all the other program requirements. The Commission understands that the impact of the inclusion of nonprofit mailers may be negligible, given the short lead time before the promotion, but reiterates the principle that the Postal Service must provide sufficient justification, pursuant to 39 U.S.C. 403(c), to exclude nonprofit mailers from a discount or rate on a product that has a nonprofit rate. Id. at 760-61.

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