How to Write an Effective P.S.

More than just an afterthought, the P.S. is one of the most important parts of a direct marketing letter. Nine out of ten readers will read the P.S. first, making it a "hot spot" of your letter. Here are a few tips and ideas for writing a powerful P.S.:

1. The P.S. is where you will restate your product's or service's benefits, the offer, or a specific call to action. Do NOT introduce a new idea here - you'll only confuse your reader.

2. Make your P.S. stand out: hand write it and print it in blue ink for added visibility. But do it neatly so your reader doesn't have to struggle to read your handwriting.

3. Consider reinforcing your offer by including a graphic. Or you could include a testimonial from a good customer. Anything that restates your strong message.

4. Emphasize your product or service guarantee. 

5. Repeat how to contact you - provide your phone numbers, fax numbers, E-mail address, business address. Make yourself easy and convenient to do business with.

6. Use your P.S. to point your donor to your website to make an online donation or purchase.

7. Finally, keep your P.S. short - to an average of two or three lines. This is not the place to rewrite War and Peace.

P.S. These ideas for writing a powerful P.S. will work for you. We guarantee it!

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