Post Office Gets Approval to Reduce its Hours

The US Postal Service got the okay August 23 to reduce its hours of retail service at approximately 13,000 locations.

The Postal Regulatory Commission, which is the Postal Service's governing body, approved the plan, signaling that the changes will not affect the Post Office's legislative mandate for comprehensive nationwide service.

Over the next two years, affected locations will reduce weekday operations to two, four or six hours. All collection and post office box services and Saturday hours remain unchanged.

The USPS estimates annual savings of $516 million as a result of the changes.

For a complete list of affected Post Offices, please click here.
Post Offices to be affected by lower hours

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Holiday Mobile Shopping Promotion Announced by Post Office

The Post Office recently filed for another mobile barcode promotion to run November 7 - 21 2012. Called the "Holiday Mobile Shopping Promotion," it will offer an upfront 2% discount on postage for presorted and automation first class and standard rate mail.

Here's what you must do to claim the discount:

     1. Your mail piece must contain a mobile barcode on or inside it.
     2. Your mobile barcode must point to a mobile-optimized site.
     3. The mobile site must offer a product for sale (not a service).
     4. Nonprofits, if you offer a gift in return for a donation, this will qualify you for the discount.

Here's an extra sweetener: If a portion of the orders coming from the promotional mailing are fulfilled using Priority Mail between November 9 - December 31, 2012, you can apply for an additional 1% postage rebate of your original mailing. So keep your receipts!

Registration for this promotion begins September 15, 2012. For tips on how to use mobile barcodes in your direct mail campaign, click here. You can access the complete guide to the USPS Holiday Mobile Shopping Promotion here.

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San Diego Sunset

Couldn't resist posting this photo of the San Diego sunset, taken July 25, 2012. This is one of the reasons we live here!

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Vote for Our New Logo!

We need your help! Post Haste Mailing Services is changing its name to Post Haste Direct, to better reflect our direct marketing services of printing, color variable data printing and email marketing, as well as traditional mailing services.

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Tab Placement for Self Mailers

New postal tabbing regulations are going into effect January 5, 2013. We've studied and parsed the many (many!) ways of tabbing self mailers and put together this handy cheat sheet of the most popular mailing designs and tab placement. (For our blog on tabbing booklets, you can go here.)

Of course, there will always be a mailpiece with an odd fold - all you have to do is give us a call at 858.513.7740, or email us at info@ and we'll be happy to dispense tab advice.

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